Perennial Society Welcomes New Members

Meijer Gardens would like to thank everyone who attended the Second Annual Perennial Society Luncheon on June 3, 2008. Forty-five people were in attendance.

The Perennial Society has over 70 members and is still growing. New members welcomed at the luncheon included Robert and Susan Conklin, Mac and Pinky McPherson, Sue Ann Jabin and Stephen and Cheryl Wonch.

Special guest Joseph Becherer, Director of Exhibitions & Curator of Sculpture, gave a presentation that included slides on the Gardens’ newest addition, Beneath the Leafy Crown floor, currently being installed. This original work by Michele Oka Doner was inspired by the Michigan forest floor. With more than 1,600 unique bronze pieces laid down with terrazzo poured atop, the entire first floor truly is a work of art.

Luncheon guests received a dahlia planted in an environmentally friendly “green” bamboo pot, donated by Elzinga & Hoeksma Greenhouses of Kalamazoo, and a red garden trowel that represented the Gardens’ sculpture Plantoir.