Named funds, restricted or unrestricted, are established by making cumulative gifts and/or pledges of $10,000 or more. Contributions to a restricted fund are used solely for the designated purpose of that fund. Contributions in unrestricted funds, as well as the General Fund, are used in maintaining the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.

If you are unable at this time to establish a named, restricted fund for $10,000 or more, but wish to designate your gift to the Foundation for a specific purpose, you may do so by indicating that preference when you make your donation. Unrestricted contributions less than $10,000 go the general fund.

  • Karl F. & Patricia Betz Fund

    For support of Vickie’s Garden in memory of Victoria Johnson Hoffius

  • John D. & Marian F. Bouwer Fund

    Bird collection and maintenance in the Lena Meijer Conservatory and throughout the Meijer Gardens

  • Molly Bradshaw Wetlands Management Fund

    Management of Wetlands embraced within Meijer Gardens

  • Rich & Sheri Brolick Fund

    Horticultural maintenance

  • Brooks Family - Holland Fund

    Maintenance of the Brooks Conference Center

  • Jesse & Gia Budrick Fund

    Support the “Who Am I? A Butterfly Ballet”

  • Thomas B. Cornell Fund

    Care and maintenance of the Water Lilies Sculpture and surrounding planting area

  • Eunice L. Corp of Cadillac

    For the promotion of learning experiences in the art of bonsai

  • Daniel & Pamella DeVos Foundation (Visitor Center) Fund

    Maintenance of the DeVos Visitor Center

  • Abby J. & Milo R. DeVries Fund

    Bird collection and maintenance in the wetlands, Lena Meijer Conservatory and throughout Meijer Gardens

  • Harry & Elin Doehne Wildflower Meadow Fund

    Support Meijer Gardens which contains the Wildflower Meadow and sculpture site

  • Chris and Deanna Eckert Flower Fund

    Enhance fresh flowers on the Balk Café tables

  • The Sallie Peterson Ferguson Fund

    Support the ability of underprivileged children to visit Meijer Gardens including transportation, admission and materials

  • Fred and Dorothy Fichter Fund

    To provide title sponsorship of Meijer Gardens annual exhibition, Butterflies Are Blooming

  • Gardens Maintenance Fund

    General Meijer Gardens maintenance

  • Grace F. Jarecki Seasonal Display Greenhouse Maintenance Fund

    Maintain high-quality and memorable displays on a monthly basis within the Jarecki Greenhouse

  • Grace Spears Chadwick Memorial Garden Center Fund

    Purchase of library books

  • Gwen & John Hibbard Fund

    For support of sculpture

  • Dirk & June Hoffius Fund

    For support of the Varnum Families Log Cabin, Hoffius Hill and the Children’s Garden

  • Hoffman Family Fund

    Modernization and technological updates of the Hoffman Auditorium

  • Hoffman Family Maintenance Fund

    Meijer Gardens & exhibit maintenance

  • Humanities Council Lecture Series Fund

    Writers & poets themed lecture series

  • Japanese Garden Fund

    Benefit of the Japanese Garden

  • Charles & Linda Johnson Fund

    For support of Vickie’s Garden in memory of Victoria Johnson Hoffius

  • Donald & Bunny Johnson

    Support and maintain the Frederik Meijer Gardens Amphitheater

  • Miner S. & Mary Ann Keeler Fund

    Purchase sculptures created by living artists

  • Keller Endowment Fund

    Provide transportation & scholarship admission to Meijer Gardens for underprivileged children

  • John & Nancy Kennedy Fund

    For support of the annual summer camps at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

  • Kent Garden Club

    Ram’s Garden maintenance

  • Martin & Sue Kloostra Fund

    Maintain and to grow the bonsai collection

  • Dale & Pamela Larson Fund

    Maintenance of the Children’s Garden

  • Lecture Series Administration Fund

    Administrative support of the Frederik Meijer Gardens’ Lecture Series

  • Lawrence & Katherine Lemmen Atrium Fund

    Maintenance of the Lawrence & Katherine Lemmen Atrium

  • Ray & Nancy Loeschner Annual Art Competition Fund

    Annual Art Competition inspired by the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

  • The Marsilje Fund

    For support of the many educational programs at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

  • Fred & Lena Meijer Amphitheater Fund

    Support of the Amphitheater

  • Frederik & Lena Meijer Sculpture Acquisition Fund

    Support acquisition & installation of sculpture

  • Lena Meijer Children’s Garden Maintenance Fund

    Maintenance of the Children’s Garden

  • Meijer Sculpture Fund

    Support & enhance sculpture exhibits & programs, Curator’s salary & sculpture acquisition

  • Meijer Sculpture Maintenance Fund

    Maintain & repair any sculpture exhibit of the Gardens as well as its base & pedestal

  • Don & Dorothy Pingree Memorial Fund

    Support and maintenance of the Japanese Garden

  • Ed & June Prein Fund

    Maintenance of the Children’s Garden

  • Ram’s Garden Maintenance Fund

    Ram’s Garden maintenance

  • Leonard & Dora Rosenzweig Orchid Wall & Exhibit Fund

    Perpetual care of the Orchid Wall & exhibit

  • Constance Z. & Hilary F. Snell Fund

    Supports the annual Connie Snell Volunteer Recognition Dinner

  • Vickie's Garden Fund

    For support of Vickie’s Garden in memory of Victoria Johnson Hoffius

  • John & Lynn Vinkemulder Fund

    Creek & Plantoir sculptures

  • Volunteer Tribute Garden

    Maintenance of the Volunteer Tribute Garden

  • Peter M. Wege Library Endowment Fund

    Library materials & maintenance

  • Wege Environmental Lecture Series Fund

    Environment lectures

  • Welcoming the World: Honoring a Legacy of Love

    For support of all facilities, gardens and art created, modified or restored as part of the campaign

  • Kenneth Dale Wenger Tree Fund

    Purchase trees to be planted at Meijer Gardens

  • L. Dale & Jean Atkinson Fund

  • John & Janet Baab Fund

  • Batts Foundation Fund

  • Karl F. & Patricia J. Betz Fund

  • Ken & Judy Betz Fund

  • William & Laurie Boer Fund

  • Fred Bogaert Fund

  • Jim & Joan Buchanan Fund

  • Helen Bull Fund

  • Gilbert R. & Patricia K. Davis Fund

  • James & Judy DeLapa Fund

  • Daniel & Pamella DeVos Foundation Fund

  • First of America Bank Fund

  • Nancy McKenzie Frost Fund

  • Gillette Family Foundation Trust

  • John & Nancy Gordon Fund

  • Sid & Elizabeth Harkema Fund

  • Earl & Donnalee Holton Fund

  • David & Leslie Hooker Fund

  • Marilyn & Dave Hunting Jr. Fund

  • Sarah & Michael Julien Fund

  • Jim & Amy L. Keane Fund

  • The Korff Foundation Fund

  • Wayne & Vicki Korson Fund

  • Douglas & Raymonde Kramlich Fund

  • Harvey E. Lemmen Fund

  • Deborah Hoffman Meijer Fund

  • Donald & Kathleen Maine Fund

  • Linda & Dave Mehney Foundation Fund

  • Fred & Lena Meijer Fund

  • Hank & Liesel Meijer Fund

  • Jack H. Miller Fund

  • John & Mary Morrison Fund

  • Richard G. & Maureen J. Morrison Fund

  • Richard & Jeanenne Morton Fund

  • John & Gail Nowak Fund

  • Jeff & Peg Padnos Fund

  • Stuart Padnos & Jean Barkin Fund

  • The Richard A. Rasmussen Family Fund

  • Chuck & Stella Royce Fund

  • Mark Sherwood & Saralyn Coupe Fund

  • Arthur & Elizabeth Snell Fund

  • Chris & Charlotte Southwick Fund

  • John & Judy Spoelhof Foundation Fund

  • Bill & Norma Sprague Fund

  • Frank & Sharon Van Haven Fund

  • Tassell-Wisner-Bottrall Foundation Fund

  • Roger & Luella Warnshuis Fund